The mission is to provide you with value-added solutions, helping you realize the full potential of Mitutoyo products and services. We follow a detailed process to determine the custom solution that will work best for your specific needs.

Integration Process

By combining these processes, Mitutoyo offers the ability to turn standard factories into smart factories.

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Our experienced engineers work hand-in-hand with you to assess your unique measuring needs and manufacturing application. We gain a deep understanding of the challenges you’re looking to solve, brainstorm at a conceptual level and chart possible paths forward.

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Our specialists identify how your system will perform optimally and select the best Mitutoyo products to integrate, ensuring a top-of-the-line solution depending on your needs. We refine the possible options from the concept level to the implementation level, then propose the solutions, setting requirements and specifications for your custom equipment.

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The team begins the development starting with the selected measuring instruments, constructing the design based on these devices. Once completed 3D CAD drawings or prototypes are delivered as proof of concept.

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We install and integrate your tailor-made solution into your existing production process at your facility. This ensures that the system is working properly per the project scope—then provide training and documentation to set you on the pathway to success.

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Following Mitutoyo’s commitment to service, we provide ongoing training, troubleshooting, calibration, and ongoing service, to keep your equipment running and performing at its peak.


Offered Services

No matter what you are looking for, Mitutoyo will find a way.


Turnkey Solutions

In-line Solutions

Smart Factory Solutions

Process Automation

Flexible Collaboration

Automation Project Support

Manufacturing Process Troubleshooting

Closed-Loop Manufacturing

Status/Condition Monitor Integration

24/7 Factory Setup

SPC Solution Integration



Advanced Applications

Mitutoyo owned integrators within Europe.


The complementary products and services of Mitutoyo's KOMEG enable a wide variety of customized solutions, taking standard products and adjusting them to fit whatever your needs may be.

KOMEG is a key partner for special-purpose solutions. If you want to know more about KOMEG, click here.

Mitutoyo Gauging Technology

MGT provides a specialist service that aims to meet the increasing need for customized measurement solutions and support manufacturers’ quality assurance operations. From one-off fixtures to fully automated measurement systems, Mitutoyo Gauging Technology can help you meet the simplest or the most complicated measurement challenge.

Click here to discover everything about what MGT has to offer.

Additional Literature

To stay updated about the latest literature and case studies at Mitutoyo, check any of the following leaflets and their different fields of study.

Electric Vehicle xEV Measurement

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Mitutoyo offers solutions to measurement of a wide variety of electric vehicles from research and development to preprod. and mass production. An introduction to precision measuring instrument solutions.

Click on the leaflet below to discover.

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Semiconductor Ind. Measurement

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Measurement solutions for a wide range of fields in the semiconductor industry, which is growing rapidly following a shift to the production of electric vehicles, the implementation of 5G, etc.

Click on the leaflet below to discover.

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Lens Industry Measurements


Mitutoyo offers solutions for measuring a wide variety of lenses, from research and development, to pre- and mass production.

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